How to join

EuroBioBank membership is open and encouraged for rare disease biobanks worldwide.

To this end, an evaluation procedure and specific assessment criteria have been established. Such criteria ensure adherence to minimum entry conditions that include the following:

  • collections of RD biological samples and their availability to the scientific community,
  • quality-control (QC) system in place, with SOPs regulating sample and data acquisition, and sample processing, storage, and distribution.
  • adherence to ELSI principles and comply with recommendations of the national and international guidelines.

The membership application process is managed via RD-Connect Registries&Biobank Finder platform. The application entails the completion of a questionnaire, which is then evaluated by the RD-Connect Panel for Biobank Assessment. Interested biobanks are invited to use the self-propose webform and express their interest to obtain access to the online questionnaire.


Fill the Propose web form to request access to the questionnaire

Fill Questionnaire

Answer some basic questions about your biobank, sample collections and operations.

A panel of biobank experts evaluates the questionnaire against the minimum criteria.

Receives feedback

Biobank receives the outcome of the evaluation and recommendations.


Upon the positive outcome of the application, biobank becomes a member and a part of the RD-Connect community!

Benefits for RD biobanks

Tutorial - how to join